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Why A “Pitbull” Lawyer Might Cost You

Why A “Pitbull” Lawyer Might Cost You 

Divorce is rarely a walk in the park as a divorce lawyer knows all too well. Emotions run high, disagreements flare, and navigating the legal landscape can feel like tightrope walking over a crocodile pit. In this emotionally charged atmosphere, it’s tempting to seek out the legal equivalent of a “pitbull”: a fierce, aggressive attorney who promises to fight tooth and nail for your every desire. But before you unleash the legal beast, consider this: in divorce, aggression often comes at a steep financial cost, which Amanda at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions explains.

While the image of a “pitbull” lawyer might evoke feelings of reassurance and strength, the reality is that their tactics usually lead to one thing: expensive, drawn-out litigation. Don’t be fooled by promises of “winning it all” – in the courtroom, even “winning” can mean financial losses for both parties.

1. Feeding The Litigation Monster:

Aggressive lawyers thrive on conflict. They see every disagreement as an opportunity to fight, and pick your fight up. They might push you towards depositions, motions, and eventually, trial. Each step in this litigation marathon comes with a hefty price tag: lawyer fees, expert witness fees, court costs, and the emotional toll of constant battle. Remember, the legal system isn’t a boxing ring; it’s a complex machine that rewards careful maneuvering, not brute force.

2. Burning Bridges, Not Building Agreements:

Aggression breeds animosity. When lawyers prioritize “winning” over understanding, communication between parties breaks down. This makes reaching a mutually agreeable settlement nearly impossible, pushing you further down the expensive litigation path. This path will not allow you to easily pull back so that you can effectively co-parent in the future or be able to consider a settlement offer easily. 

3. Lost Opportunities, Hidden Costs:

The focus on fighting can blind you to alternative solutions. A “pitbull” lawyer might miss creative solutions, which can be significantly cheaper and less emotionally draining. Additionally, the aggressive approach can obscure hidden costs like the impact of prolonged divorce on your children, career, and overall well-being.

4. The Winner’s Curse:

Even if you “win” in court, victory often comes at a Pyrrhic cost. Litigation can take months, even years, leaving you emotionally drained and financially depleted. Additionally, court rulings can be unpredictable, and even a “win” might not deliver everything you desired, while leaving you burdened with significant legal fees.

What’s The Alternative?

Instead of unleashing the “pitbull,” consider a collaborative and solution-oriented approach, like my firm. I limit my practice to resolving divorces without any litigation. I handle my cases using:

  • Communication and understanding: This allows clients to feel heard and understood, not on edge for battle, fostering an environment conducive to compromise and settlement
  • Seeking creative solutions: I routinely use alternative dispute resolution methods, saving you time and money.
  • Transparency and cost-effectiveness: I keep you informed of costs and discuss options that align with your financial goals. This is because I am not always gearing up for my next battle. Instead, I am able to be in the office thinking about how to resolve matters in a manner that helps clients move forward and get divorced without spending exorbitant amounts of money. 

Don’t let the allure of aggression mislead you. In the complex world of divorce, sometimes the calmest waters lead to the safest shores. Choose a lawyer who values solutions over fights, and you might just emerge from this challenging chapter stronger, less stressed, and financially sounder. This approach might not get you everything you want, but it’s far more likely to leave you with your financial sanity and a chance to rebuild your life. Contact me today at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions to get started on your case.