Military Divorce Lawyer Gig Harbor, WA

Military Divorce Lawyer Gig Harbor, WAIf you are considering the process of filing for divorce and you’re either an active service member or a military spouse, it’s important to speak with an experienced military divorce lawyer Gig Harbor, WA residents trust. Even if you’re unsure of whether you’ll ultimately decide to divorce, it’s important to be prepared. Scheduling a consultation with a Gig Harbor, WA military divorce lawyer does not, in any way, obligate you to take legal action. Scheduling a consultation simply ensures that you have the ability to have your questions answered in a confidential, risk-free setting. As the divorce process can be life-changing, it’s important to approach this process in an informed, prepared way. Meeting with our team will help to ensure that you avoid common missteps that many individuals make when preparing for and filing for divorce.

Preparing to File for Divorce – The Basics

While meeting with an attorney to receive personalized guidance is arguably the most important thing you can do to prepare for the divorce process, taking a few additional steps will help you navigate the divorce process as successfully as possible.

First, if you have any “gaps in your knowledge” concerning your financial situation, it’s time to catch up. Do you have an updated list of your assets and their value somewhere? If not, it’s a good idea to make one. Do you have a firm understanding of your income, expenses, accounts, retirement savings, etc.? If not, it’s time to get – at minimum – a basic understanding of where your family stands financially. A big part of the divorce process is dividing marital property and figuring out how to make splitting one household into two households a financially viable situation. Taking these steps will help you accomplish this aim.

Second, if you have minor children, have you taken time to consider what kind of parenting arrangement would be most beneficial for them post-divorce? Child custody and parenting time arrangements must be constructed with “the best interests of the child” in mind. As at least one of your children’s parents is a servicemember and your family’s schedule is likely to be unusually complex, it is particularly important to have a rough idea of how you might want to construct custody arrangements prior to filing divorce papers.

Legal Guidance Is Available

You don’t need to be sure that you’re going to file for divorce to begin preparing “just in case.” Divorce preparation is one activity in which the advice that “it is better to be safe than sorry” generally applies. Regardless of whether you’re newly contemplating a split from your spouse or you hope to file for divorce soon, it’s a good idea to speak with the experienced Washington legal team at Robinson & Hadeed to better ensure that you’re prepared if and when navigating a divorce becomes a pressing challenge. Don’t wait – schedule a risk-free, confidential consultation with an experienced Gig Harbor, WA military divorce lawyer today; we look forward to speaking with you.