Family Law Lawyer Gig Harbor, WA

Family Law Lawyer Gig Harbor, WAIf you have questions about termination of parental rights, please schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced family law lawyer Gig Harbor, WA residents trust. Consultations do not obligate you to take legal action. Instead, they allow potential clients to ask questions. The process of terminating someone’s parental rights is a serious and sensitive subject. We will treat you and your family with the utmost respect as we help you to understand your legal options and determine the best way forward for any children who may be affected by this process either way.

Terminating Established Parental Rights

Generally, parental rights may only be terminated voluntarily or in the event that one or both of a child’s parents are deemed unfit to care for that child. With that said, every case is different. It is therefore important to speak with an experienced Gig Harbor, WA family law lawyer before making any assumptions about your specific situation.

Generally speaking, if a parent does not wish to terminate their rights voluntarily, the court must be presented with significant evidence that the parent in question has truly failed to provide for their child financially, emotionally, and/or practically. This is a tough standard to meet, as the court generally recognizes a parent’s rights if at all possible. Taking away a parent’s rights is a permanent and very sensitive scenario. However, if a child has been abandoned, subject to severe abuse or neglect, the parent’s severe mental illness renders them incapable of parenting, etc. the court may be left with no other choice than to terminate that parent’s rights. The “best interests of the child” standard, which is the standard applied in child custody determinations, is applied in parental rights termination matters as well.

Child Custody Guidance Is Available

If you have questions about the process of terminating parental rights, please consider scheduling a consultation with the experienced Washington legal team at Robinson & Hadeed today. Speaking with us does not obligate you to take any action whatsoever. Speaking with an attorney will simply allow you to seek answers to the questions you have and allow you the ability to voice your concerns to professionals with experience in this area of law. If you then determine that you could benefit from additional legal support and/or guidance, we can speak about our approach to representation.

The process of terminating parental rights is a serious one. We aim to treat this subject with the greatest of care. Please do not hesitate to reach out at your earliest convenience in order to speak with us about the details of your situation. Once we better understand your needs, our Gig Harbor, WA family law lawyer team will be able to advise you of your legal options and direct you towards relevant resources accordingly.