High Net Worth Non-Disclosure Lawyers Bainbridge, WAHigh Net Worth Non-Disclosure Lawyers Bainbridge, WA

If you are a high net worth individual then high net worth non-disclosure lawyers in Bainbridge, WA should be on your list of trusted people to help you through the divorce process. When you are high net worth individual hiring the right lawyer is a crucial step in the divorce process. Since a divorce is a very complex and emotional process you need a lawyer who is able to both be in your corner for what you deserve and also be compassionate toward your situation.

If you aren’t sure what a lawyer can do for you then read on to learn about why a lawyer is so important and how they can help you if you have any non-disclosure issues. 

Protecting Your Assets in a High Net Worth Divorce 

Washington is a community property state which means that any property acquired after you and your spouse got married belongs to both of you equally. However, things like gifts given to just one spouse and damages earned in a personal injury settlement are two common exceptions to this rule. It is important to note that property acquired before the marriage may be viewed as separate property meaning that it would not be split during a divorce.

Here are some of the following assets the lawyer can help you protect: 

  • Bonds, stocks, interests
  • Businesses
  • Cars, motorcycles, boats, and any other vehicle
  • Cash assets
  • Inherited wealth
  • Investments
  • Marital homes, vacation homes, and other property
  • Offshore assets
  • Professional practices
  • Retirement savings and pensions
  • Valuables

It is impossible to half an asset like a house or car and that is where a lawyer will come in to help identify which asset you wish to fight for in which you may be willing to concede. 

Issues with Non-Disclosure 

Just like in any divorce there are issues that can arise. This is why you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle the ins and outs of high net worth divorces and their complications. However, things can get more complicated when there are millions of dollars in a divorce.

One issue that you may face is that your spouse may attempt to move assets into a non-disclosed account or move their money offshore. In many cases, a prenuptial agreement can reduce obligations involving finances if a divorce were to ever happen. Knowledgeable high net worth divorce lawyers can help you track down and if necessary freeze nondisclosed assets to make sure everything is as equal as possible. In some cases where not all nondisclosed assets can be discovered a lawyer can help convince a judge that such nondisclosed assets do exist.   

If you suspect your spouse either downplaying or hiding their assets in effort to get or save money for themselves than talking to your lawyer is the best that you can make. 

Going through a divorce is hard and it is even harder when a spouse hides assets. That is why contacting one of the high net worth non-disclosure lawyers in Bainbridge, WA on our team at Robinson & Hadeed is a great step to take in your divorce process.