Divorce Lawyer Tacoma, WA Divorce Lawyer Tacoma, WA

If you and your spouse have decided that going your separate ways is the healthiest option for you both at this time, please connect with a divorce lawyer Tacoma, WA residents trust and please do so as soon as you can. No matter how you plan to approach your divorce process, being as proactive as possible will help to ensure that your legal transition from married to single is as successful as it can be. Once our legal team learns about your needs, goals, and priorities concerning your divorce process, we’ll be able to objectively assess which approach to the legal “side” of your situation may best serve your interests.

An amicable divorce process that doesn’t require judicial intervention to resolve issues related to the divorce settlement in question – sometimes generally referred to as an “uncontested” divorce process – isn’t the best approach for everyone. If you and your spouse have fundamental differences, have a history of abuse, or simply cannot be in the same room with one another, let alone negotiate with each other, an amicable process may not serve your interests. If so, our tenacious Tacoma, WA divorce lawyer will build the strongest possible case on your behalf to be resolved in court. However, if you’re hoping to keep your divorce relatively amicable, cost-effective, and efficient, we can help you to pursue this path forward successfully too.

Keeping Your Divorce Process Amicable and Fair

There are three primary ways that you can approach an “uncontested” divorce that doesn’t require judicial intervention to settle the differences between you and your spouse. Each of these opportunities is generally more efficient, low-stress, and cost-effective than contested divorce processes. Depending on your unique needs, you may be able to effectively resolve your divorce using only one approach or you can use a hybrid approach involving more than one option. First, you and your spouse can agree to all the terms of your divorce settlement on your own and present it to your separate attorneys for review and finalization. Second, you can have your separate attorneys negotiate the terms on your behalf and review their proposed settlement outline. Third, you can attend mediation – alongside your attorney – so that you and your attorney can negotiate with your spouse and their attorney in the same room as an impartial third party mediator.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Whether you’re hoping that you can keep your divorce process amicable or you’re faced with fundamental differences that will require judicial intervention to resolve, the experienced Washington legal team at Robinson & Hadeed can help you to pursue your divorce-related goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. No matter how amicably a divorce process progresses, this life transition is never easy. Know that if you entrust your case to our capable and dedicated Tacoma, WA divorce lawyer team, we will do everything we can to ensure that your legal needs are met in ways that don’t unnecessarily exacerbate an inherently stressful situation; we look forward to speaking with you.