LGBTQ Divorce Lawyer Gig Harbor, WA

LGBTQ Divorce Lawyer Gig Harbor, WA- couple handing rings overThe lawyers at Robinson & Hadeed Family Law are well-known, so well-known the other lawyers are going to send divorce cases that are too tough for them to handle to these two lawyers. 

Mr. Robinson began his family practice in Gig Harbor Washington in 1980 and he focused on complicated family litigation and civil litigation. Now dozens of divorce related cases are referred to him every month from other attorneys, and he believes that working towards a satisfactory resurrection requires negotiation and mediation for the best interest of all parties involved and considers it his priority in every case he takes.

Ms. Hadeed has spent her entire career as a professional litigator, whether that means that she is dealing with negotiation or representation at court, she is fiercely determined and represents her law firm and her clients with that determination.

Prior to focusing on family law, she established the first Community Ct. in Lynchburg, VA and she was the District Attorney for four years, she has evaluated the best interest of the child firsthand and has won numerous awards in law school, and has run the lawful magazine. She cares about her clients and she cares about the best interest of the children in the cases that she deals with.

But what can the law firm of Robison & Hadeed do for you in LGBTQ divorce lawyer related matters? That’s a great question.

 Robison & Hadeed can help you if you have questions about your same-sex spouse qualifying for a mirror and fees if they are from another country, and in fact, they qualified in the same way an opposite-sex marriage would. Because the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down by the US Supreme Court, marriage is no longer legally only between a man and a woman.

All federal agencies are now required to treat spouses, in the same manner, no matter if there same-sex or opposite-sex marriage. In fact, if you have any issues with this you should reach out to an LGBTQ divorce lawyer in Gig Harbor WA such as the ones available at  Robison & Hadeed. This is a law firm that does not care about your sexual preferences or who you are married to as long as the best interest of your children are taken into account..

There going to be able to help you with issues with visa, employment, they are going to be able to help you understand whether civil unions as domestic partnerships qualify as marriages, they are going to be able to help you with how to seek child support after a same-sex divorce, and more. Reach out to  Robison & Hadeed for all of your LGBTQ related issues today. Trust them with your needs and are going to prove like they proven time and time again that they put you first.