Divorce Lawyer Gig Harbor, WA

Divorce Lawyer Gig Harbor, WAIf you’re thinking about filing for divorce, you’ve already been served with divorce papers, or you’ve decided to seek a legal separation, it’s time to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer Gig Harbor, WA residents trust. Even if you’re not yet sure of whether divorce or legal separation is right for your family, scheduling a consultation will allow you to ask questions, be advised of your legal options, and will place you in a position to make an informed decision about your future. One of the decisions you’ll need to make if/when you decide to legally separate or divorce is choosing an initial “approach” to your process that best fits your situation, goals, and needs.

Divorce Approaches – The Basics

When you meet with the team at our firm, a Gig Harbor, WA divorce lawyer will explain these approaches in detail. You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have about what you can expect from each approach and how our style of client representation will serve you well under each scenario. Note that not all couples finish the divorce process according to the approach they began with. Sometimes, needs and expectations “change the name of the game.” No matter what, we’ll advocate on your behalf by building you a strong case and defending your rights with focus, determination, and compassion.

If you and your spouse agree on virtually terms of your divorce and child custody arrangements, you will likely need little lawyer intervention. Instead, we will work with your spouse’s lawyer to draw up all necessary paperwork and you’ll be able to legally “split” with a minimum of time, effort, and monetary investment.

If you and your spouse hope to keep your process amicable but you don’t agree on all terms, you may benefit from mediation, attorney-led negotiation, or a hybrid of these two approaches. In a mediation setting, a neutral third party will sit down with you, your spouse, and both of your attorneys. All parties will discuss the issues at hand and the mediator will help to keep things on track but won’t offer advice or settle differences. Attorney-led negotiation occurs when either the attorneys communicate and then bring information to you for your approval or disapproval, or all parties negotiate together without a mediator.

If you and your spouse have fundamental disagreements about property division and/or child custody issues, you’ll need to go to court to have these issues ruled on by a judge. This approach can be time-intensive and more expensive, but sometimes there is no alternative. There is no right or wrong way to approach your divorce, as every couple has different needs.

Legal Guidance Is Available

No matter which approach to divorce is right for you, the experienced Washington legal team at Robinson & Hadeed can help you to successfully navigate this process. Whether you hope to keep your split amicable or you anticipate that your property division and/or child custody matters will be contentious, our team has the experience, legal knowledge, dedication to our clients, and determination to build the strongest case possible on your behalf. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready to file for divorce, you’re thinking about securing a legal separation, or you’re responding to divorce papers that have already been filed – our Gig Harbor, WA divorce lawyer team is here to assist you.