Military Divorce Lawyer Tacoma WA

Military person in the desertDivorce is very challenging and they’re going to be emotional issues and legal matters that must be dealt with or seeking to get a divorce, but if you are a servicemember stress, the timing of the cost of divorce goes down significantly. When you are looking to get a divorce as a member of the United States military you need to contact a military divorce lawyer Tacoma WA residents trust such as the ones available at the Robison & Hadeed Law Firm.

While state and local procedures govern divorce proceedings, it all comes down to where you file. Each day is going to have different federal statutes and military regulations that can apply to your divorce, however a military divorce lawyer in Tacoma WA is going to be able to ensure that you are following federal state and military law.

The legal assistance office on your military base can provide you with information on issues about divorce, child custody, income tax considerations, the civil relief act, and more. Eligible family members can also receive free legal advice, however to avoid conflict of interest a lawyer can only offer guidance to either the service member or the spouse depending upon what the person is seeking advice about.

Your military divorce lawyer in Tacoma WA is going to ensure that you understand the legal rights of yourself as a service member, such as the servicemembers civil relief act which helps to protect the rights of servicemembers when they are on active duty. When a servicemember is on active duty, and one spouse serves divorce papers, the SCRA allows for civil court or administrative proceedings to be extended if active duty is stopping the servicemember from responding in a time appropriate manner and it allows service members to be protected in certain situations from judgments such as a failing to appear at trial due to being on service.

Your military divorce lawyer in Tacoma WA is going to be able to help you protect your future, and they are going to be able to walk you through the divorce proceedings in a manner that will leave you protected, take care of your spouse as well and ensure that your assets are kept track of and appropriately used.

When you have Robison & Hadeed Law Firm at your side, you have somebody with experience in this field of law at your side. With over a decade of military divorce law under her belt, Attorney Hadeed understands what you are going through and she understands the nuances of the law she is dealing with. You are going to have challenges the regular civilian lawyers are not going to understand, but she does and she will make sure that you are first in her book. She is determined, and she is always going to fight for her client no matter what.