Divorce Lawyer Port Orchard, WA

A marriage ending can sometimes feel like your life is over, but a Port Orchard, WA divorce lawyer knows this is not the case. Whether you need to stay in your home, obtain custody of your children, or get alimony support, you deserve to be able to continue your life in the best way possible. At Robinson & Hadeed, we put clients first and want to help them get through one of the most difficult periods in their life. A marriage ending means that you now have to forge your own path, which can be scary and overwhelming. The foundation you once built may not feel shaky, as if you are on uneven ground. But rest assured that with support from our team, this process will be much smoother than trying to battle it alone.

Keeping What You Value

One of the biggest concerns people have when they realize their marriage is over is whether they will be able to keep the things that are of most value to them. We know that your children and your ability to financially support yourself is a top priority. We can help you get a favorable verdict during your divorce related to asset and debt division, child visitation, child custody, spousal support, and enforcement of decrees.

A lawyer can set you up for success, but it’s imperative that you pick a legal team that is experienced in divorce cases. We know what you are up against, and hope that if you are in need of help that you contact a Port Orchard divorce lawyer immediately.

Contemplating Divorce

Perhaps you are at a point in your life where you aren’t sure if your marriage is going to last, but you both haven’t called it quits yet. It doesn’t hurt to have a lawyer on stand-by and to offer advice on how to start protecting yourself just in case divorce does happen. Not every divorce is amicable, some can erupt suddenly and can be challenging to deal with without legal help. If you are ever concerned about the wellbeing of you and your children, we urge you to contact us as soon as you can. The safety of your family and future is something we take very seriously. We are only a phone call or email away.

Legal Support is Available

A Port Orchard divorce lawyer can imagine the stress you may be going through right now, where you aren’t sure how to proceed forward but the state of your marriage currently just isn’t working. You can trust that the team at Robinson & Hadeed has your best interest at heart, and we know how to use law in a strategic way for the benefit of our clients. You are in good hands at our law firm. We hope that if you are in need of assistance amidst divorce, that you reach out today. There is no moment like the present to get the help you need. We are waiting to hear from you.

Alternatives To Divorce To Consider

There are several alternatives that couples can consider if they want to save their relationship or end it in other ways besides divorce, as a Port Orchard, WA divorce lawyer can explain. Divorce can be a painful and emotionally challenging experience for all parties involved. Fortunately, there are alternatives to divorce that prioritize healing, growth, and preserving relationships. In this listicle, we will explore four alternatives to divorce that offer couples the opportunity to navigate their differences, strengthen their bond, and potentially find a way to rebuild their relationship.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, also known as marriage counseling, is a popular alternative to divorce. It involves meeting with a trained therapist who facilitates open communication between partners, helping them address underlying issues and develop healthier patterns of interaction. Therapists assist couples in improving communication, resolving conflicts, and gaining a deeper understanding of each other’s needs. Therapy can be helpful because it allows couples to rebuild trust, connection and renew their love for one another.

Trial Separation

A trial separation allows couples to take a break from their relationship while exploring their individual needs and desires. It involves creating physical and emotional space, giving each partner the opportunity to reflect on their relationship without the immediate pressure of divorce. This time can be a period of reflection, allowing couples to work on their growth and personal goals. A trial separation can offer valuable insight into the viability of the relationship and provide clarity on whether reconciliation or divorce is the best path forward.


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where a neutral third party, known as a mediator, facilitates constructive conversations between divorcing couples. The mediator helps couples negotiate and find mutually acceptable solutions regarding child custody, asset division, and other relevant matters. Mediation promotes cooperation, compromise, and communication, allowing couples to retain more control over the outcome compared to traditional divorce litigation. Having a mediator can be a less inflammatory method to resolving disputes, encouraging more amicable solutions, as a Port Orchard divorce lawyer can explain.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is where couples work together with their own attorneys to agree to a settlement. This alternative focuses on fostering a cooperative environment where couples commit to finding fair and equitable solutions that meet the needs of both parties. The collaborative process often involves other professionals, such as financial experts and child specialists, who help address specific issues. By prioritizing open communication, collaboration, and creative problem-solving, couples can minimize the emotional strain and financial burden often associated with divorce.

Set Up A Consultation

While divorce may seem like the only option in a struggling relationship, it’s essential to explore alternatives that allow for growth, healing, and potential reconciliation. Couples therapy, trial separation, mediation, and collaborative divorce all provide pathways to address conflicts, improve communication, and preserve important relationships. By considering these alternatives, couples can make informed decisions about the future of their relationship, whether that means working towards reconciliation or proceeding with divorce in a more amicable manner. If you are considering alternatives to divorce, reach out to a Port Orchard divorce lawyer that you can trust at Robinson & Hadeed so you can receive legal guidance.