High-Asset Property Valuation Lawyers in Bainbridge, WA

High-Asset Property Valuation Lawyers Bainbridge, WAHigh-Asset Property Valuation Lawyer

So you’re getting divorced, you’re full of regret and hurt and maybe even embarrassment that your marriage is failing. Tensions are high and you’re grappling with a mixture of complicated emotions, not to mention the stress of future legal proceedings. You may be concerned about losing assets that you have worked hard to acquire. When divorce is imminent that is a very real fear, and you need legal counsel from Robinson & Hadeed, the high-asset property valuation lawyers in Brainbridge, Washington.  

What is High-Asset Property Valuation?

When going through a divorce it’s important to carefully analyze the value of your assets, this will help determine who is entitled to what and ensure the property is divided fairly. Hiring professionals who work in high-asset property valuation will help you protect you’re hard-earned property or investments. Some examples of assets that may need to be valued include: 

  • Businesses 
  • Real estate
  • Retirement plans
  • Investments
  • Life insurance 
  • Collectables and antiques 

Obtaining accurate and professional valuations of all of your assets may seem risky, you may think being straightforward with such information will mean an unfair division of property. However, you will find it in your own best interest to have accurate and current valuations. Withholding assets may harm your case and result in a loss of property that would have otherwise been more fairly divided. 

Community Property Assets vs Separate Property Assets

Divorce is complicated, especially when high-value property is at stake. When your high-asset property valuation lawyers in Bainbridge, WA works to evaluate your assets and property an important distinction will be made between community property assets and separate property assets. 

Community property assets refer to property, income, or valuables that were obtained during the marriage and belong to both individuals. These assets are considered to be owned equally by both spouses. Certain assets are not considered community property, such as inheritance. 

Separate property assets are considered property that you owned before the marriage, inherited (as mentioned above), or that were acquired with your own personal finances. It is important that the financial history of your separate property assets is properly documented to ensure you keep what you earned. 

Hiring a lawyer who has experience with high-asset divorces who will be able to guide you through this process will take the guesswork out of what category your assets fall into and what you can do to ensure you get your fair share. 

Don’t Delay 

If divorce is imminent and high-value property, investments and heirlooms are at stake, do not delay in contacting Robinson & Hadeed, the high-asset property valuation lawyers in Brainbridge, Washington.  The longer you wait the more you are at risk of not receiving your fair share. Divorce is complicated, stressful and sometimes, messy, but it doesn’t have to be when you have the right legal counsel on your side.