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Marriage can be difficult, and it can be even more difficult if you’re in the military – but fortunately, an attorney that specializes in military family law in Kitsap County, Washington, can help you get through whatever difficulties you may be facing. The challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse and children are even harder to deal with when you’re serving our country: constant reassignments and moves will take a toll on any family, and sadly, some couples just can’t make things work.

While you are making a great sacrifice by serving our country, your family makes a great sacrifice as well. The family members of men and women in our armed forces are deeply affected by military life, and they go through their own challenges by being by your side (or trying to) throughout your service. Of course, some spouses and children bear this responsibility better than others – it takes a special blend of patience, understanding, and loyalty to make things work. And if they don’t work, you could be in for an exceptionally painful divorce and a shattering of everything you’ve left behind. A qualified family lawyer can help you through your darkest hours, and can help make sure you still get a chance to spend time with your children and watched your loved ones grow.

What Can a Military Family Lawyer Do for Me?

If you are out of options and must go through with a divorce, you may be left feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. If your family life has suffered irreparable damage while you are in the military, a lawyer that specializes in military family law in Kitsap County, WA, can help you find your next steps. We can help you with many of the complicated issues that may affect your divorce, particularly child custody and military marriage laws.

  • Child Custody: As a member of the armed forces, you have to consider how often you’ll be moved and how challenging it may be to maintain healthy relationships with your children throughout these moves and reassignments. After all, you can’t just move with your kid with no warning or arrangements ahead of time – child relocation laws specifically prohibit that. However, in the event of a divorce, a military family lawyer can help ensure there are satisfactory visitation provisions in your agreement, so you can still see your kids when you’re back home.
  • Military Marriage Laws: In a military marriage, both parties need to be sure they can handle the stresses of military life. Frequent moves and all the rules and regulations of military life can put strain on a relationship, and if a service member is marrying a foreign national, there are additional hoops to jump through. Is the marriage legal in the country in which you are getting married? Do you need permission from your commanding officer? Do you know how to apply for your spouse’s entry into the United States? These are all complex issues that are best approached with the help of a military family law attorney.

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