Teen Charged With Murder After Parent’s Divorce

Earlier this year a teen boy from Gig Harbor, WA has been accused with murdering his mother’s boyfriend who they had lived with for some time, according to The Daily News. After the divorce, the father only had the kids on the weekend while they lived with their mom during the week. Many reports show a pattern of dysfunction in the home that could be a contributing factor to the boy’s decisions and actions. The boyfriend reportedly had a history of heavy drinking and domestic violence. The father fought for custody of the children after voicing concerns about the boyfriend, the children’s performance and attendance record at school, and their behavior at school. The court ordered parenting plan has since been adjusted so that the children live with their father on weekdays and their mother on weekends. The boyfriend was found dead in his home and the teenage son, along with a friend, have been accused by police of being responsible for the murder.

Tips for Divorce with Children

The situation above is extreme, but it does make one wonder if steps could’ve been taken to avoid such a tragic and dramatic end. There are concerns that need to be taken in account when divorcing with children involved, as a divorce lawyer Gig Harbor, WA families turn to knows only too well. At Robinson & Hadeed we have experienced divorce lawyers that can assist you with making your divorce a smoother process for you and your family. Divorce isn’t easy, but there are some steps that you can take to improve the process for everyone involved, including your children.

  • Keep the children’s best interests your first priority
  • Don’t talk bad about your ex with your children
  • Explain things to your children at their level
  • Keep communication open with everyone as much as you can
  • Attempt to work with your ex to co-parent

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Divorce isn’t an easy process and tends to be very emotionally draining. No matter the situation, we can help you get through your divorce so that you can move on with your life and start planning for the future. Our lawyers are experienced in divorce law, child custody, child support, and more. We can put our experience and legal knowledge to work for you so that you can make your divorce legal and final while also preparing for life after the divorce and how things will look for your children. We understand that you have concerns about the parenting of your children since you are divorcing your spouse and not your children. We take those concerns seriously and want to help you set up a parenting plan with your ex that you both are comfortable with, and feel is best for the children and their future home life. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your family life situation, get legal advice, go over your legal options, and more.