Husband was wrongly accused of sexually assaulting his 8-year-old daughter – Shannon Hadeed got the charges dismissed.

I did a divorce where suddenly, my client was accused of having inappropriately touched his daughter. My client said he didn’t and I believed him 100 percent.

The poor little girl had to have a freeze against her dad visiting her. He had criminal charges brought against him, and I defended him in both the criminal case and the Child Protective Services case.

I interviewed the child in the preliminary hearing. The girl did three different interviews on tape, and I watched those videos many times and wrote down all the many inconsistencies, which got more grandiose. I researched psychological questions about children being coached to lie.

In court, I asked the child: ‘Rosy, you talked to the Guardian ad Litem. What did they do when you forgot your story?’ She said, ‘My mommy would remind me and tell me what to say.’ I asked, ‘Did it get confusing?’ She said, ‘Yes, a little bit.’ I asked, ‘You said in one video that Daddy was snoring when he touched you.’

The girl admitted the father was sleeping, and when I asked her who told her her Daddy was awake, she said, ‘I don’t remember.’

Both cases were dismissed, and my client said I saved his life.