Why We are Fearless

I may be practicing family law now, but in the past, I also did criminal law. Several times a week, I would be in front of a judge, fearless. Whether that judge is deciding who should get custody of your kids, or whether a repeat drug offender should return to jail, you always have to watch the judge for: What is it that they are thinking? They are just like other people, they are going to give away facial expressions.

Jeffrey A. Robinson and I are both fearless. We are not afraid to take your divorce or custody case to court if necessary. We also aren’t afraid of being tough negotiators during mediation. When negotiating, you have to be willing to walk away to some degree to get what you want. It’s not that you don’t want to settle.

If it’s in your best interest to settle, we will. The goal is to serve you, our client.

Sometimes maybe we can settle financial stuff. If we can’t settle the kid stuff, we go before the judge.