High-Asset Property Valuation Lawyers in Bainbridge, WA

High-Asset Property Valuation Lawyers in Bainbridge, WA

A divorce is a painful process, and you risk losing almost everything you own – unless you get in touch with a high-asset property valuation lawyer in Bainbridge, Washington. The signs of a divorce may not be completely obvious, but if you have recognized serious difficulties in your relationship, you may be wondering if a divorce is the best step for you to take. However, it’s worth remembering that a divorce comes with a high degree of risk, and oftentimes sacrifice in the form of assets and a large portion of your income. A divorce may be the end of a relationship, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be completely free from your spouse.

Unfortunately, many people are completely blindsided when their spouse files for a divorce. This can be attributed to a complete unwillingness to accept the reality of their fractured relationship, or simply not recognizing the signs ahead of time. Being surprised by a divorce is dangerous: it leaves you reeling with emotions you weren’t ready to feel, and it also leaves you completely vulnerable from a legal perspective. Without time to contact an adequate legal team, your entire world may be ripped out from under you in the blink of an eye. So how do you prevent being caught off-guard by a divorce? And what should you do when you finally accept that a divorce is unavoidable?

Recognize the Signs

If you’re unsure if you’re headed for a divorce, you won’t know whether or not you should reach out to a high-asset property valuation lawyer in Bainbridge, WA. Recognizing signs that your relationship is headed for trouble is essential to ensuring you have the right legal team at your side should your marriage ever progress into a divorce. The following signs don’t guarantee that a divorce will happen, but they’re solid indicators that your marriage isn’t healthy:

  • Constant criticism: Nobody likes hearing negative comments about themselves, especially if those comments are coming from their significant other. While constructive criticism can be a tool for self improvement, uncalled-for criticism is unpleasant and provides a point of friction in a relationship. If criticism is constant and hurtful, it could indicate deeper problems in your relationship.
  • Stonewalling: Sometimes having no arguments at all is worse than having frequent arguments. If you and your partner purposefully avoid each other and avoid communicating at all, it could be a sign of rougher times ahead for the two of you. Arguments can help clear the air, but if neither of you communicates, your relationship might be headed for a divorce faster than you’d think.
  • Contempt or disgust: This is one of the most damaging factors in a relationship, and is almost always present in divorces. If you and your partner are disgusted by each other, and feel nothing but genuine hatred for each other, there is little reason to continue your relationship. Whatever the cause, if either of you feels genuine contempt for the other, there’s almost no turning back.

The above signs are by no means a complete list. There are other indicators of a troubled relationship, such as a lack of intimacy, or keeping secrets from each other. The list goes on, and contacting a divorce lawyer is one way to remain proactive if you sense your marriage is destined to end in divorce. It’s also a smart way to ensure you don’t lose everything during the divorce proceedings.

Protect Your Assets

If you know if your divorce is coming, you’ll have time to reach out to a qualified legal team that can help you hold onto your assets. A divorce means potentially losing everything you’ve worked hard to build for yourself and your family, so reaching out to a divorce lawyer is the first step to protecting what you own and what you earn. Contact Robinson & Hadeed today, and get in touch with a high-asset property valuation lawyer in Bainbridge, WA that you can trust.