Divorce Lawyer Tacoma, WA

divorce lawyer Tacoma, WAIf you and your spouse have chosen to go your separate ways, it is important to connect with an experienced Tacoma, WA divorce lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the division of your property and assets. Whether you expect that your asset and property division process will be amicable or contentious, it is important to prepare properly. Failure to be proactive during this process can lead to an inequitable or otherwise unfair divorce settlement. Know that the experienced Washington legal team at Robinson & Hadeed has extensive experience with both straightforward and complex asset division cases and can advise you of your rights and options accordingly.

In Washington State, marital property is generally presumed to be communal property. Meaning, that any property, assets, and debts acquired during the marriage will generally be treated as jointly-owned unless an exception to this rule applies or a significant reason sways a judge to treat certain property differently. As a result, when you and your spouse divide your property and assets during your divorce, you will likely need to split the value of your co-owned property evenly.

This process does not mean that every item that you co-own with your spouse will need to be divided in half somehow. Instead, the Tacoma, WA divorce lawyer team at Robinson & Hadeed will work with you to craft a property and asset division proposal that will allow you to benefit fairly from receipt of half of the overall value of your co-owned assets and property. How this proposal is ultimately crafted will depend significantly upon your goals and priorities for your divorce process. For example, you may be eager to remain in your primary residence or you may be eager to get rid of it. If you and your spouse do not decide to sell your home, the spouse that does NOT retain ownership of the home will likely be awarded more property and assets to make up for the fact that they no longer own the home or any equity in it.

If this process sounds overwhelming, that’s okay. It’s normal to feel anxious about the prospect of dividing your property and assets. To begin, simply make a list of your most valuable property and assets so that we can look it over during your risk-free consultation. We’ll start to make plans according to your goals and priorities accordingly.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet scheduled a risk-free consultation with the trusted legal team at Robinson & Hadeed, please do so today. Even if you’re unsure of whether you and your spouse will ultimately file for divorce, it is important to understand your legal and financial rights so that you can make the most informed decisions possible concerning your situation. Our experienced Tacoma, WA divorce lawyer can guide you through the processes of preparing to equitably divide your property and assets and the process of actually dividing them in a legally-enforceable, fair, and transparent way; we look forward to speaking with you.