Arbitration Lawyer 

arbitration lawyer Gig Harbor, WAIf you are facing a situation where you don’t want to move forward with litigation, then working with an experienced lawyer who has served the Gig Harbor, WA community may be favorable for your legal concerns. Arbitration is an option for individuals who want to avoid a court battle and instead want to settle an issue through a third party mediator. This type of resolution is often agreed upon by both parties. If you want to avoid spending time and costly resources on a court dispute, then arbitration may be the more appropriate way to reach a solution. To learn more about the arbitration process, discuss the details of your issue with an experienced arbitration lawyer Gig Harbor, WA from Robinson & Hadeed.

Arbitration Lawyer in Gig Harbor, WA 

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Litigation vs. Arbitration

There are several key differences between the litigation process and the arbitration process, as a skilled lawyer trusted in the Gig Harbor, Washington area can explain. 

Litigation is the more common and traditional way of resolving legal disputes. Civil claims, lawsuits, and trials are all examples of litigation. The litigation process is typically initiated when one party files a claim against another party, and the case is then taken to public court. Litigation tends to be expensive and the entire process can be time-consuming.

As an alternative to litigation, arbitration involves fewer steps and is largely more streamlined. There are less complex procedures involved, such as hearings and subpoenas. One of the biggest differences is that arbitration cases do not happen in public courts, so the privacy of both parties are protected. Both parties get to determine who the arbitrator will be. Compared to litigation, arbitration is much less costly and rulings are often decided fairly quickly. However, despite advantages such as lower cost and speed, once rulings are made in an arbitration case they are more difficult to appeal. 


How to Prepare For Your Consultation

When determining if arbitration could be right for your particular legal matter, it is best to consult with a lawyer for a detailed explanation of your rights and the context surrounding your specific situation. If you have any relevant documents or evidence, bring those to the appointment for the lawyer to review. Prepare a list of your questions beforehand to make the most of your consultation. The more information the lawyer has early on, the better. They will be able to discuss possible legal strategies with you as well as next steps you should take. 

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